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Tell Virginia’s Board of Health: #ScrapTRAP and stop treating abortion providers differently from other health care providers


The original TRAP statute and regulations were designed to shut down abortion providers – not protect patient health. Singling out women’s health centers for hospital-style regulations is part of a long-term, coordinated campaign by opponents of women’s health to end access to abortion. This month, we have the opportunity to ensure reproductive health care is available to all Virginians, but we need YOU to make it happen. The Virginia Board of Health is seeking public input as they revisit the TRAP regulations – let’s make sure they hear from Virginia’s pro-choice majority!

There has never been a proven, medically-justified reason for regulating abortion providers like hospitals. Until 2011, abortion clinics were regulated just like other physician practices. This summer, Virginia’s Board of Health began the process of reviewing and amending the TRAP regulations in the administrative code. The first step of the process is a Notice of Intended Regulatory Action (NOIRA) in which the Board of Health asks for suggestions about the changes the public would like to see in the regulations.

The public comment period has begun! You have until October 31 to make your voice heard. 

Before the TRAP restrictions were amended in 2016, they had already forced five Virginia women’s health centers to either stop providing abortion care or shut their doors. Thousands of Virginians rely on these health centers for affordable access to quality care. Medically-unnecessary restrictions on abortion providers hurt Virginia women by further stigmatizing reproductive health and limiting access to quality, affordable health care.

The current public comment period runs from October 1 – October 31. Once the Board of Health has reviewed the first set of comments in response to the NOIRA, the Board will draft and post their proposed regulatory changes, at which point the public will have another opportunity to provide public comment on the proposal.

Submit a public comment HERE.

Read the NOIRA text here.

Find TRAP Talking Points HERE.

Read the Coalition’s TRAP Public Comment HERE

Please act today!

Take a few minutes to tell the Virginia Board of Health that continued singling out of abortion providers is unacceptable.