About Us

The Virginia Coalition to Protect Women’s Health is a group of organizations working to protect a woman’s right to reproductive healthcare.

After the 2011 passage of the TRAP statute, the Coalition has been the leading advocate against the unnecessary TRAP regulations. Less than two years ago, we celebrated as the Virginia Board of Health voted to amend medically-unnecessary, sham restrictions (also known as “TRAP” regulations) on women’s health centers. It was a huge and hard-fought victory – these restrictions were designed solely to close women’s health centers, and our amendments kept Virginia abortion providers open and accessible to the patients they serve.  

The Coalition and our partners and members fought hard for these changes, galvanizing the public to submit hundreds of comments and making sure that the very worst o the restrictions were excised from the regulations. Consisting of advocacy groups and abortion providers, the Coalition leverages our collective policy knowledge and expertise to push for policy changes in this area both through administrative and legislative action.

This year, we are continuing the fight to #ScrapTrap. To find out about the current fight and take action with us, click HERE.